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Nitrogen Metabolism in Rice ebook

Nitrogen Metabolism in Rice ebook

Nitrogen Metabolism in Rice. Pranab Basuchaudhuri

Nitrogen Metabolism in Rice
ISBN: 9781498746670 | 290 pages | 8 Mb

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Nitrogen Metabolism in Rice Pranab Basuchaudhuri
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Fabýola de Sampaio Rodrigues,1 Sonia Regina de Souza,2,*. Metabolomic screening applied to rice FOX Arabidopsis lines leads to the identification of a gene-changing nitrogen metabolism. Fundamental, Ecological and Agricultural Aspects of Nitrogen Metabolism in Nitrate reductase Nitrogen assimilation Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase. Studies on the physiology of rice. Citation: Cai H M, Xiao J H, Zhang Q F, et al. - Buy Nitrogen Metabolism in Rice book online at best prices in India on Influence of N and Ni supply on nitrogen metabolism and urease activity in rice ( Oryza sativa L.) J. Nitrogen-dependent regulation of de novo cytokinin biosynthesis in rice: the role of glutamine metabolism as an additional signal. The effects of nitrogen source NO3− or NH4+ on nitrogen metabolism during the first 2 weeks of germination of the rice seedling (Oryza sativa L., var. Chloroplastic glutamine synthetase 2 co-suppression chlorosis nitrogen metabolic level rice. This simple and comprehensive book covers the important and current information regarding rice plant biology and nitrogen metabolism. Therefore, a thorough study of nitrogen metabolism of the rice plant affected protein nitrogen of rice plants was determined by conventional pro- cedures 7 1~. Co-suppressed glutamine synthetase2 gene modifies nitrogen metabolism and plant growth in rice. Sions of some critical genes involved in nitrogen metabolism were also assayed to test their of nitrogen metabolism during adaptation of rice to salt stress. Nitrogen Metabolism in Rice Cultivated Under. Overexpressing of OsAMT1-3, a High Affinity Ammonium Transporter Gene, Modifies Rice Growth and Carbon-Nitrogen Metabolic Status. The influence of high temperatures on carbon and nitrogen metabolism in rice and other crops is well documented.

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